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I really like long, very hot showers.

December 26, 2010   |   by Rachel

I always have.  Growing up there was a rule in our house that I had to take my shower at night because I'd use all of the hot water and no one else could shower in the morning.  As an adult I indulge in long hot showers any time of day.  Sometimes I just stand there in a steamy stupor letting the water run.  Needless to say, the bathroom gets quite warm when I'm showering.  The other day I was going on minute 15 or so of a very nice shower when Jared told Win to go brush his teeth.  He came into the bathroom and immediately left. He found Jared and said, "Dad, I can't brush my teeth." Jared, "Why not?" Win, "It's as hot as Mars in there." Jared had much sympathy for him.  We've had one bathroom for most of our marriage and Jared's endured untold hours using a bathroom that's as hot as Mars.

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