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I'm back!

June 26, 2008   |   by Rachel

Our Internet has been down for 5 days but it is back on and I'm alive. I'm close to drowning in emails and little things that I need to catch up on, but I'll get it done. As proof here is the top of my Google Reader. I usually read it everyday and it stays at 0. 324!!!! unread posts. Our Internet was down because I decided to cut ahead of the crowd and sign up for this new technology. The switch cause our Internet service to quit. You may have heard of this new technology, it's called a cell phone or "handy" for you Europeans. I know that you might think that I'm jumping the gun by getting one of these, but I'm certain that in a couple of years nearly everyone will have them. I want make sure that I'm the first one around to get one of these things. ;-) If you want to know a little about my feelings for AT&T check out this post from Seth Godin. I love that guy. If you don't know who Seth is just remember the 5 "B"s: bald, black, brilliant, business, blog. For those of you who are interested on more than a picture of my cell phone, Harriet crawled half-out of her diaper the other morning. I thought that it was pretty cute.

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i wondered where you were! so, does that mean your phone # changed? if so, email it to me when you have time. :)


What a cute little bottom! She is way to busy to care about fashion.