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In case you didn't know...

December 05, 2011   |   by Rachel

…we're still obsessed with Star Wars over here.  Every evening involves at least one battle.  Tonight the kids got in full costume for the evening.  We put a Mace Windu cloak on Dale and it was about the cutest most ominous thing ever.  It was very hard to photograph.  The cuteness of a 1-year -old with earrings walking around in a cloak designed to be worn by Samuel L Jackson is just too much.  The lighting was dark, she was zipping around the house and my hip is hurting.  So chasing her with a camera wasn't the easiest, but this gives you a little taste of the image.

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Jodi Sotok2011-12-06

Love this!! Star Wars is huge here too...Saun has the Yoda costume with the mask~ it is funny but Maelyn is defininitely freaked out by it!!It is a little creepy looking. I think everything on their Christmas list is Star Wars brand...lots of lego ship building around here! Hope you are well Rachel~ miss seeing you!