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In October of 1997...

November 06, 2008   |   by Rachel

...I was a freshman in college, lonely in a sea of my peers, and just beginning to form some friendships. I was crushing on a guy that was WAY out of my league, so I did what any girl would. I told him that I really wanted to ride my bike to the beach before it got too cold. Did he have a bike? Would he like to come with me? No, he did not have a bike. But yes, he would borrow one and come with me. I was delighted. As we returned from the beach we biked off into a little trail in the woods. We found this amazing place with a boardwalk and fort in the middle of a swamp. We then sat there for 3 hours talking in depth for the first time. I remember thinking, "I really hope that this guy will become one of my good friends. I really like him."  We talked about the Lord, our relationships with out families, our experiences.  It was great.  What I wouldn't pay to listen in on that conversation today! Looking back I have to laugh a little.  Jared really doesn't like biking. Most years in October we bike or drive out to that spot. We just love it there. This year we hauled both kids and sack lunches. It was a great hike and a cold meal. The light was so beautiful that I just had to get out Jared's iPhone and snap a few shots. Pardon the quality-they're from the iPhone. [gallery size="full" columns="1"]

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I have to laugh. I also have a picture of my daughter riding on her dad's shoulders taken with an iphone! ;) Somedays lugging the Canon along just isn't practical. Beautiful place, by the way.


Hattie, nice teeth (and hair/sweater/eyes/runny nose)! When did those come in? Thanks for sharing the sweet memory!


sweet story and cute kids. i think hattie is looking more & more like win...


Sweet story! Thanks for sharing :) And I agree with Sarah about Hattie - I was thinking the same thing!

Lisa K2008-11-08

What a nice story & great pictures. I am looking forward to making memories like these with Jason & our future family! It's a beautiful thing...

christy pacanowski2008-11-06

awwww..... :)


i like harriet's perfect white squares! what a pretty girl.

Rachel Henderson2008-11-06

Darn you for having the 5D! :-)


Those are incredible shots!!

Betsy King2008-11-06

awwwww so sweet!! Darn you for having an iphone!!!!!