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In the winter of 1997 I got myself into the seriously great situation...

November 16, 2009   |   by Rachel

...of playing catch with the guy that I'd been chasing.  This was a major score in my attempts to get Jared's attention.  We tossed a football back and forth for a lot longer than I had ever done before in my life.  It was the perfect set up.  I had all of his attention and unlimited opportunities for flirting. We still like to get the football out an toss it around.  This Saturday was the perfect morning for it.  Jared and I played catch while the kiddos scooped dirt from the garden into a basket.  They were making "pizza."  At one point Harriet needed a hug.  Jared grabbed this shot.

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Great Shot! Go Jared! Great Catch! Go Rachel!!


You are really beautiful and you seem to be in full bloom!

Brenda Clapp2009-11-17

These are what I call "precious nuggets"...a perfect capture of that perfect moment...Great Job Jared

Bruce Henderson2009-12-05

What a great memory. I am so glad that that little game of catch caught you up into our family. Bruce