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August 15, 2008   |   by Rachel

Inspired by his Uncle Nathan, WInfield decided to practice his tee-ball skills last week. Between mowing the lawn with a toy lawnmower, swimming in the pool and playing with his cousins, Win managed to get in a little time on the tee. Safety is very important in the Henderson house.  This picture is from 1980.  Jared and his older brother Jason are practicing their tee-ball safety skills.  Jared's dad, the photographer, had clearly determined that Jared was quite safe and continued with the photograph. Here's Jason's son and Winfield.  This time I was the photographer, and I determined the same thing as Bruce when deciding whether to take a photo or protect a child--photo first.



Glory days


nice form, Win! and nice action shot, Rachel! no wonder Jared is so tough! Ezra looks very unsuspecting! Did you purposefully repeat history?


knowing all the involved parties, i find that post quite funny! :)


Photographers are all alike. :) Great photos. jan


loving this post (especially the first picture of course!) :)