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Introducing Dale Ruth

September 24, 2010   |   by Jared

Dale Ruth was born a few minutes ago at 8:55pm. She's doing awesome. 8 pounds 7 ounces, 19 inches. She's gorgeous and tiny and sweet and doing great. We've decided to keep her. ;) Rachel was a champ and is also doing great. We'll post more pictures fairly soon and let you all know when we're ready for visitors.

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Ken Johnson2010-09-25

I am sure when she gets cleaned up and stops crying she is a beautiful young child. Congrats to both Mom and Dad. ken


Yay! Congratulations :):)

Simone Tennant2010-09-24

Beautiful. Great job you both makin' and Rachel a 'bakin' a sweet baby Henderson. I'm teary eyed lookin' at the pics. I love and miss you both!

Lisa K2010-09-24

Congratulations on your new sweet addition!!! We can't wait to meet your adorable little Dale! :o) God bless you...


Yayyyyy!!!! Welcome to the world Dale! I love the pictures of you!!


We are sooo happy for you. What a great blessing. Born on Hattie's 3rd birthday! Lucky 13. I'll bet she likes Chocolate Moose Tracks! GG

the powells2010-09-24

Yay for Dale! We are so happy for you guys:)


WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! way to go, rach! she's a cheesy one, that girl! but beautiful......... can't wait to meet her.


Congratulations!! She's gorgeous and I'm glad to hear everyone is doing well! :)


So cute! Congratulations--it's hard to believe your family could get any sweeter but here is the proof!


Praise God, we are so happy to have Dale in the family!!

Carrie Shumaker2010-09-25

The news I was hoping to see this morning! Congratulations!

Jodi Sotok2010-09-25

Congrats to you and your family Rachel...she is beautiful! Hope you are feeling well. xoxo