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December 01, 2013   |   by Rachel

My mom has been here for the past 11 days helping our with the kiddos while we were in the hospital and beyond.  She's been an amazing help, cooking, cleaning, wiping butts while I'm nursing, assisting with crafts, zipping coats and generally greasing the machinery of this household while I recovered from birth.  Not to mention she took the kids on some fun exciting trips like Grand Rapids, Paint a Pot, pedicures, Great-Grandma's, teaching them games, and reading to and with them.  AND to top it all off, she did it all on a sprained ankle!   It's been amazing to have her here and so good to see the relationships that my kids have with their grandmother.  Thanks you zillions mom!!


Jessie Henderson2013-12-02

There's nothing like having your mom around to help!

Betsy King2013-12-02

Wow! She's amazing! Congratulations to your precious family!

Bonnie Kindschi Dean2013-12-02

It was all an honor. What an amazing family!! So fun to be there for Huck's birth and enjoy quality time with Win, Harriet, and Dale. Jared and Rachel treated my like an honored guest with my own little "apartment" over the garage. And for a special treat at night I got to do "therapy" in the hot tub out in the crisp 27 degree, star filled sky, snow covered back yard. Tough job, huh? Nope - Blessed!

Eunie Hillen Burnham2013-12-02

How sweet of you Bonnie! That's what gramma are for