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It's Time for a Party!

January 31, 2007   |   by Rachel

Happy Birthday Winfield! Everybody, children and adults, who reads this blog AND knows where we live is invited to Win's birthday party. Win turns 1 on February 28, but who wants to have a party on a Wednesday!? So, on Saturday the 3rd we will be getting together at our house at 4:00pm for a party. Win will show you everything that he has learned in the last year, like waving, blowing raspberries and dancing. It has been a productive year.

We are also going to serve Sloppy Joes at 5:00pm. Following that we are going to introduce Win to cake. He will have his own cake to demolish, so that should be some really good entertainment. At 6:30pm, about the time that he tires of his daily activities, Win will retire to his bedchamber for the evening. At that time any guest who is above the age of 10 is welcome to stay and hang out for board games and a movie. We love big crowds so don't be bashful.

Because this is a birthday party gifts are traditionally the custom. We want everyone to know that gifts are not expected at this party. Win is a really little guy. If you do want to lavish gifts on him following are a couple of ideas.
-iTunes giftcard, iTunes has a lot of children's music and Win really likes music.
-Board books, Sandra Boynton, PD Eastman, etc...
-Wooden toys (see www.oompa.com) and things like that

See you there!

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Dear Win,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY=) My computer has been broken and I couldnt get on to see any of my friends for a LOOOOOOOONG time!!I am sorry that I missed your birthday, but I hope you had a great time!!!!How was the cake? I am SURE it was wonderful your mommy is a great cook. When I come to see you again I will look forward to hearing all about the party and playing with the new books and toys you got. In the mean time happy early birthday!!Julie


REVISE ABOVE POST...thought it was the third of February for some reason....Win, when you get to Grad school or med school or law school you will understand this!Happy Birthday just the same!!!!