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Jared and I often wonder what our kids are going to think of our parenting

October 06, 2012   |   by Rachel

We know that there will come a day when they are talking with their friends and they realize that they have some very weird stories about growing up Henderson. Like this.  In the afternoons we have some quiet time.  Win spends about 2 hour outside playing for his recess.  The neighbor kids go inside and he finishes his school work that he didn't get done in the morning.  If he gets it done in time he gets to watch a movie.  He usually does because he loves this reward.  However, the movie is something from BBC's Planet Earth and he has to watch in on the treadmill.  So far he's watched Planet Earth, Life, Nature's Most Amazing Events and Blue Planet and he wants to do Life in the Undergrowth next.  PE and Science class all in one!

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Johanna Poole2012-10-07

HA! love this. I suspect the key is having multiple kids so they normalize the subculture to each other, right?

Matt Hudson2012-10-07

He needs frozen planet. :) We have them all too.