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Johnny or Alyssa

March 10, 2013   |   by Rachel

Many of you know that we've been trying for a 4th little Henderson for a while now. We are excited to announce that we have another little bumpkin on the way in November. We found out last week, so we are really early in the pregnancy.

Here's a video of us telling the kids. After you watch it you might question our judgement to add more craziness to our table.


Jessica Henderson2013-03-10

that's awesome news! so happy for you guys!

Christy Pacanowski2013-03-10

Yay! Happy for you all!!

Christy Pacanowski2013-03-10

Haha... Yep, loved the video. Laughed out loud at the "when mommy pees in the little paper.." part :)

Johanna Poole2013-03-10

Dale is killing me with her earnest little face! Goodness.

Ann Brown Bowers2013-03-10

Yay for you all! Congratulations!

Sarah Powell2013-03-10

Oh yay! So so so excited for Henderson baby number four!!!!

Judi Bowman Delis2013-03-10

Congrats to all

Kelly Stewart Thorp2013-03-10

Yay! Congratulations! Win is so patient with the girls! Darling video!

Johanna Poole2013-03-11

seriously...just watched this again. Dale at 2:19....slays me.

Karen Wittstock Morrish2013-03-24

Precious! Congrats guys :)

Laurie Eller2013-04-13

this is the sweetest thing ever. your babies are precious, and a new addition will be so welcomed (and I'm sure, hugged much! haha).