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Kicking Back with a Book

May 30, 2007   |   by Rachel

Win has this new thing lately, he lays on his back and looks at his books. I think that it is really cute.

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That is exactly how I look right before I fall asleep.


you guys still have that radio flyer box?!

Rachel Henderson2007-05-30


The Radio Flyer box is now stuffed with our extra winter blankets so that it holds its form. Win climbs on it so that he can see out the window. He spends quite a bit of time standing on that box saying, "eewh, eewh" to every squirrel, bird and passerby that he sees. It is just the perfect height and size for him. What can we say?

sheetal patel2007-05-30

win sure knows how to kick back and relax!


it's great how much he loves books!


Us grandmothers have alot in common. I was going to say "That just how I like to read except I seem to fall asleep in about 2 minutes".