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Kinderplaats, round 2

May 08, 2009   |   by Rachel

Last year Win had a blast at Kinderplaats and Harriet mostly watched.  This year she toddled around and was able to join him in the fun.  Each May Holland celebrates Tulip Time with a huge festival.  It kind of beats the Three Rivers Festival (sorry Fort Wayne) that I grew up with.  We live downtown and are right in the middle of the festivities.  It's pretty cool.  Kinderplaats is this huge field that they fill with about a dozen inflatable bouncing toys (moon-walks and it's cousins), a petting zoo, a honey bee exhibit, crafts, Old McDonald comedy routine, fire trucks, submarines,  ambulances, garbage trucks, you get the picture.  The kids had a blast. Win really loved the inflatable toys.  His favorite was the large fire engine slide.  The first time he went down the slide he didn't totally understand how to manage it.  At the top he jackknifed onto the slide part.  This sent him bouncing down the slide.  Midway down he bounced so high that he flipped over onto his stomach.  I caught an image of him flying through the air about to do a belly flop back onto the slide. Harriet LOVED the petting zoo.  We spent nearly an hour there.  She would flap her hands and squeal when one of the animals would come near her.  It was sooo cute! [gallery link="file" columns="1" size="full"]

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Your pictures are amazing!


that looks like a blast! Beautiful day too.


that's a big smile, Win! classic stroller picture. see y'all soon!


So cute! I love the picture of them sitting and eating their snack with Jared:)

Mrs Kool2009-05-09

I love them all! I love Tulip Time! I love living in Holland! I love that someday we can join you down there for some fun when we have little ones of our own! You have such a cute little family!