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King of the Hallway

July 24, 2007   |   by Jared

Here are two videos of Win in his native habitat lately: the hallway. We've been at the same hotel now for almost a week, and Win's favorite place to be by far is in the hallway. He thinks he runs the joint now. Most of the other guests and all the staff knows him. His number one favorite hallway activity is to run up and down flailing his arms wildly and howling "aaarrhhhhhaaaaahhhh." He also loves to crawl along the borders of the carpet, feel the railing as he walks, check on the continental breakfast, and whatever else he can think of. Here are two videos to give you a taste. The first one is short, for the general public. For those of you who are true, hard-core fans, and just can't get enough of our little crazy friend, the second video is a pretty long look into Win's world. Enjoy.

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Looks like a good way to pass the time.

So, what's he doing there at the very end of that second clip??? :)


Looks like he is creating a present for you at the end of the second clip! The videos and blogs are awesome! Keep them coming!