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Leave a little to the imagination--Simple Photo Tip

November 07, 2008   |   by Rachel

I've had a lot of requests for more photo tips. I'm glad that you like them. I love feedback so comment away! The other evening Winfield was standing on the seat of his trike. He looked a little like an elephant on top of a stool. Wanting to get a picture of it I grabbed my camera. At first this is what I shot. I took a picture of his entire body, all of the trike and some of the neighbors house. Thinking that I wanted to get the image of his whole body standing on top of the trike I took this far away image. As I was shooting I knew that it wasn't quite right. I wasn't capturing his precarious perch up there. The image was boring. So I asked myself, "What is the MOST important part of this image?" The answer was his feet on the trike. I got closer and focused on his feet, making sure to leave enough trike in the frame to tell the story. This image does a much better job of communicating the emotion of perching on top of a tricycle. Even though his body isn't showing I feel like I have a much more of a sense of his situation. Less is more. K.I.S.S. Leave a little to the imagination.


Jen VH2008-11-10

Hurray! I always love reading your photo tips! Since you're taking requests... we haven't seen a video or the kids in awhile... :)


Love the lesson. Start wide, move in. Catch it all. ;) Thanks.


YAY, i love the photo tips!

Lisa K2008-11-07

I love this. You are so right. KISS!!!! The colors are great, and it also is an awesome autumn picture.

Sophia Feng2009-10-22

Very inspirational. i love the photo and the tips!

Phil Tong2009-10-23

i like it.

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I like the photos very much.


Love it! Are you using a 50mm @1.4?