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Let It Snow

December 02, 2009   |   by Rachel

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And did it snow???


that could totally be a christmas commercial for whatever he is eating. (orange?)

Rachel Henderson2009-12-03

We got some flurries today! Hopefully it'll start sticking soon.


Just tooo CUTE!!!!!


Love Hattie's pigtails too!

Mrs Kool2009-12-04

SMILE!!! This brings such a huge smile to my face every time I watch it...and yes...it is alot!!! I love how Hattie is joining Win on parts of it too. Love it. His song really worked.

Bruce Henderson2009-12-05

Win: That is a great job on one of my favorite winter songs. Hope we do get some good snow this year so we can go sledding when you come at Christmas. GG