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Let's call him Win

March 09, 2006   |   by Jared

I think Rachel and I have settled on spelling it just plain "Win." Thanks for all your comments and suggestions, they were very useful for us in sorting out our thoughts. I think what it came down to for me is that I didn't want to minimize the fact that, although we're gonna call him Win, his name is Winfield. I feel a little like writing it Wynn would be like giving him another name. When he's old enough to care, if he wants to spell it differently, that's fine with us. Benjamin's quasi-vietnamese spelling suggestions were definitely considered at length during the process, but in the end we thought he might have a hard time spelling "Nguyen," so we'll stick with the simpler version. Oh, and here's a picture of Win lounging in bed with mom and dad - a little "SB" for the chump.

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ask Jessie or Jason


i love a good riddle.


SB is short for special bed. actually, exra enjoyed special bed last night as eden spent the night at my parent's house. so ez got to sleep in a sleeping bag on our floor and was thrilled about it. jess