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Like Mother, Like Child

August 29, 2008   |   by Rachel

I confess, I'm one of those obnoxious moms who insists on doing something odd.  Basically, Win doesn't get desserts, ever.  It's just been really easy.  If he sees ice cream he doesn't even ask, beg or whine.  He's totally unfazed by it.  Now that he's 2 1/2 we thought that it was time to introduce the occasional dessert.  About a month ago, while on vacation with his cousins, we let Win have 1/4th of a smore (I know, such a splurge!)  He LOVED it! Having kids has been a really weird experience, particularly when I see little things in them that remind me of myself.  When we gave him that 1/4th of a smore he walked around with it for nearly 1/2 hour, holding it, licking it, studying it, just enjoying it.  We finally had to make him eat it so that we could put him to bed.  I was the same way as a little kid! My parents, wisely, limited the amount of candy that we were allowed to keep at Halloween.  Every year I would pick out my favorite, most exciting choices and promptly tuck them in a safe place.  I would save them for just the right time, a huge delightful celebratory time.  The problem was that no time ever lived up to that standard that I had set and my candy would be patiently waiting until the next Halloween.  I can't tell you how much gooey, stuck-to-the-wrapper gum and stale, powdery white chocolate I ate as a kid.  The though and experience of knowing that I had it to look forward to was far more fun than the actual eating of it.  I can't even tell you how many things I've saved so long that they're not useful anymore.  As an adult I have to keep it in check everyday. As for Harriet, she hates the vacuum.  When I get it out and turn it on she doesn't crawl away and cry.  She crawls right over to that offending vacuum, puts her hands on top of it, looks at it and screams as loud as she can.  While I don't scream at things that offend me, I have a very hard time crawling away-even when that's the best option.  I think she's going to have to join me in my effort to practice more of the "flight" portion of "fight or flight." [gallery size="full" columns="1"]

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That is definitely a Dean not a Henderson thing! :)


baby-sized dessert! I could learn many things from you, Win!