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Little Friends

April 05, 2007   |   by Rachel

Our friends Josh and Catie just had their second baby. Little Soe (like Chloe but with an S) was born two days ago. She came with a hairstyle, check her out. Her older brother Noelen came for a visit today while Mom, Dad and sister transition back home. Noelen is 3 months older than Win. They are really great playmates.

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Mark & Tonya Hammond2007-04-05

Wow Rachel - those pictures you took of Soe are SO sweet! I might have to recruit you to take some baby pictures for me... but you may be busy having your own! :) Hope you're doing well!


Great pictures all!!


Rachel-Cute pics of Win & Noelen, but AMAZING pictures of Soe. You are really, really good! It is so fun to be able to enjoy your talent!