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Look quick! I had time to take about 7 pictures before...

November 09, 2009   |   by Rachel

...Winfield refused to have any relationship with his Moses wig.  I'm finally getting around to posting some pix.  Win asked to be Moses for Halloween.   I found him a Moses wig and Jared snatched a staff from the woods while we were hiking.  We improved the rest of the costume the hour before the halloween party.  Harriet's costume is a last minute improve too.  Can you guess what she is?  I can't either, but she was satisfied :-) [gallery link="file" columns="1" size="full"]

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Steve Post2009-11-23

Now, I'm pretty sure Win wasn't around to meet Moses, so to me this just ups the ante on how well he nailed the look.


oh my goodness. i've never heard of a child being moses for halloween, and i must say i've never seen two children look quite like that in all my life! but i absolutely love it.

Betsy King2009-11-09

Love it! I love how Harriet holds Win's hand and looks at him. Oh my heart can't take it!!!!!

Jen VH2009-11-12



I am glad you recorded this for family history. It is a great photo!


why, harriet is miriam of course :) either that or pocahontas. and in the second pic, win looks a bit like cindy lauper.