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Maple Syrup from Van Raalte Farms

March 22, 2010   |   by Rachel

Yesterday a group of friends got together to go to VanRaalte Farms for the maple sugaring tour.  It was a lot of fun romping through the trees with the kids and smelling the delicious syrup.

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Looks like fun! Love the hats :)

Betsy King2010-03-22

This is so something we would love to do! Awesome!

Betsy King2010-03-22

PS you don't even look pregnant you slim thing!!!!!

Jennifer Kukavica2010-03-22

Love the pics. Makes me miss MI and all the neato things that come with it :)

Bruce Henderson2010-03-27

We used to go to Cranbrook for a similar day many years ago. One time Jason embarassed us by making fun of the lady who was leading us. Was that Missy in your group? GG