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Missing Daddy

July 16, 2006   |   by Rachel

On Thursday morning Jared left for Indonesia, leading a team of 12, to do mission work with Christians in West Timor. Win and I miss him very much. Since the camera and computer are 12 time zones away posting may be a bit sporadic. Win and I are now in Detroit visiting Grandpa (Grandpa Goose) and Grandma Henderson. After our short visit here we will travel down to Fort Wayne for a visit with Grandpa and Grandma Dean.

Win loves to be on his stomach. He pushes up and looks around the room. If we lay him on his back he usually rolls over right away, especially when I am trying to put a diaper on him.

Jan (Grandma Henderson) made a three layer meringue fruit delicious thing for me for my birthday. Win wanted a bite. We let him suck on a lime instead.Win and Grandpa Goose had a great time roughhousing. Here is a shot of one of their playtimes. Win loves to fly like superman.

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that meringue thing looks awesome! we should have joined you guys for dinner. happy birthday! now you're older than me.


i miss you guys too! i;m almost home. tokyo is rainy.