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June 29, 2007   |   by Rachel

(notice Win peeking at the vacuum from his perch on the bed)

Last week I purchased a bottle of vitamin E for Jared's lip. When Jared went to retrieve it to use it it was missing-and nowhere to be found. Which leads me to a story about vacuuming. Yesterday I was vacuuming the living room and noticing that our usually powerful vacuum wasn't even picking up feathers. I did a basic inspection and determined that it wasn't plugged with anything because I could see light shining through all of the hoses. I changed the bag and tried again. When that didn't work I got out a screwdriver and began a more through inspection which lead me to, you guessed it, a bottle of vitamin E neatly crammed inside the deepest bowels of our vacuum. I'll give you one guess how it got there.

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perhaps win was just helping to "clean up"? that is too funny!


Great story and pics. Helping Mommy means different things to different folks (kids).


that's incredibly naughty.


very funny. i wonder what he was thinking as he did that :)


i need details. just where was the bottle and how did little genius get it there?

Rachel Henderson2007-06-30


On our vacuum there is a hose on the back that the user inserts into a hole to cause the suction to go down to the beater bar. When that hose is disconnected it acts as the hand tool hose. Win pulled that hose apart and dropped the vitamin E bottle down the hole. The bottle being the perfect diameter to fit in the hole slid neatly into the vacuum until it reached a slight curve where it was lodged. Because it was in a curve I couldn't see it. But because the bottle is clear, light could get through it and I thought that the hose was not blocked. I discovered the bottle when I started probing with a large screwdriver and it was hitting something.

Our vacuum was kind of on the fritz anyway and needed a little work so taking it apart was kind of a two for one. Basically the switch had broken so we just connected the wires. Now I just plug it in or out to turn it on or off. I know that switches are easy to install. But there are lots of easy things in life that I just never get around to.