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More Huck

November 22, 2013   |   by Jared

Here's a few more shots of Huck. He's having a pretty good first day out of the womb. Grandma Bonnie brought over Win, Harriet, and Dale for a meet and greet. He's a good eater so far, but did not enjoy his bath. All is well, thanks for the many prayers and well-wishes. Any West Michigan friends are welcome to stop by the hospital and visit anytime tomorrow (Saturday). We will likely be here much of Sunday too, so that would work as well. _MG_4921_MG_5025_MG_4966_MG_5005_MG_5040

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Christy Pacanowski2013-11-22

So fun!!!!!

Jessica Henderson2013-11-22

awwww!!!!! he looks so big already - not like a newborn! he's so cute, and the whole family looks pretty happy.

Laura Leonard2013-11-23

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you. What a beautiful family.

FrankenStacey Artinian2013-11-22

Glad to see the Henderbrow is going strong. :) congrats friends!

Melissa Lam2013-11-23

I will be there tomorrow! Can't wait to meet him!

Jodi Wyatt Sotok2013-11-23

Congratulations.....he is a beautiful addition to your sweet famlty. So happy for you!

Kristine Ebright Sapak2013-11-23

Congratulations, Henderson family! Such a blessing!

Barb Naylor-Tatterson2013-11-23

So happy for you all! He looks lovely!

Diane Meyer2013-11-23

Beautiful little guy! Our best to you all.

Marilyn Koedyker2013-11-23

The world is a better place with another Henderson in it! Congrats to all!