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September 24, 2007   |   by Jared

Rachel's contractions are coming faster and more painful now, but still without a ton of resulting dialation. So, we're about to get her an epidural and some pitocin. This morning they gave her Cytotek or something like that (prostoglandin?) which technically isn't an inducer, just a cervix ripener (for those stubborn, hard-to-ripen cervixes). So we expect things to pick up soon.Rachel just told me that if pastoring doesn't work out, I should become a 'techno-doula.' I guess that means I would hire myself out to assist and encourage labor while simultaneously taking digital photos and videos and maintaining a constant stream of blog posts. I'm thinking about it.In other randomness: our morning nurse Natasha got a kick out of Win & ?'s blog, and showed us her blog. Wierd. Also, today we've gotten 138 hits on this site. Who knows where we'll be at by the time she gets here.

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Wondering if we should hold dinner to make the doctors prediction come true?



I was going to say (before you had to go quickly) that you know what is happening don't you...

...you are having a stubborn middle child girl! HA!


sheetal patel2007-09-24

couldn't check from work, but glad to see things are progressing!

we'll be thinking about you!