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More of Dale

September 25, 2010   |   by Jared

Here's a few more shots of Dale. Winfield, Harriet, Rudy, Bonnie, Johanna and Chad all stopped by for a little while to meet the new girl this morning. She slept through the whole visit, be we snapped a few pictures and a new family picture of five. Those of you who are in Holland are welcome to stop by and visit if you want to, just give us a ring to let us know you're coming. You can call my (Jared) cell, or use the direct line to the hospital room: 394-2005.

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I love Hattie kissing Dale! How sweet.

kendra linde2010-09-25

we'll have to wait to meet her, we all have colds:(


what a beautiful family!! congratulations to all of you!


So excited for the family of 5!!


Awesome! Praise God! May blessings continue to flow :)