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Morning at Dunton Park

August 28, 2009   |   by Rachel

We love getting out with our kids.  This summer we've done a lot of picnicking in the parks of Holland.  Usually we shove sandwiches in a bag, throw 'em in the stroller and walk.  The other morning our destination was Dunton Park.  We had a great time on a hot morning.  They have some really cool park toys there.park-mosaic2

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You are such a cool mom :)


Tony and I continue to be amazed at how beautiful your children are... and what sweet personalities they have. We look forward to moving back into the 'neighborhood' sometime soon and getting to see these two grow in person!!


Looks like a beautiful day and lots of fun.

Fotografo Matrimonio Milano2009-08-28

Wow, really nice picture. You can capture children's souls. Inspiring.

Mrs Kool2009-08-29

It looks like another beautiful day in the awesome town of Holland! I love that you enjoy it all together as a family. The pictures are amazing, but my favorite is Hattie's crazy static hair on the slide!


Great pix! It looks like so much fun!


how are they so dang sweet? can't wait to see y'all!