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multi tasking

November 05, 2010   |   by Rachel

Every night before bed our kids take a little time in the bathroom with a stack of books.  We even have book shelves installed next to the toilet in both bathrooms.  It's a good little routine that prevents 10:00pm excursions out of bed, and gives the kids some time to wind down.  Winfield never likes it when this time is over.  He really likes his reading time and doesn't like to be interrupted, or to have it end.  The other night jared told him that it was time to start brushing his teeth.  When I went to check on him this is what he had done.  He had mounted a picture book over the sink so that he could read and brush at the same time.  he was even turning pages. I haven't yet figured out how to take a modest picture of him while he is wiping.  He has a method of reading while wiping that works pretty well.

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He is addicted to reading and that is great! I've witnessed the "read and wipe" routine-- pretty amazing!


That is a great idea!


What a stud. Love how glued he gets to the books.