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My boys like their bracelets

March 25, 2008   |   by Rachel

This saga doesn't seem to be ending! Yesterday Win's vomiting had gotten worse (this is day 10 of his stomach sickness). I called the pediatrician again and they told me that he needed to me seen immediately. They, however, didn't have any appointments open. I was instructed to take him to the ER. Round 3! Nothing like the waiting room of an ER to boost an immune system. Win is fine. They poked and prodded him, took his temp, checked for drool and felt his kidneys. He just has the same stomach sickness that Jared, I and the rest of West Michigan seems to have. Last night our friend Josh brought over his own personal boyhood train set. Win's been lovin' it. He was having a hard time falling asleep for his nap. I went in to check on him and he said, "play train?" He couldn't sleep he was too excited to play with it again. 080325_train-0052-edit.jpg 080325_train-0056-edit.jpg 080325_train-0083-edit.jpg 080325_train-0076-edit.jpg 080325_train-0113-edit.jpg

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Poor Win (and his Mommy)! Sick toddlers are no fun. I hope he starts feeling better soon. Popsicles and Jello...that's what Chloe likes when she's sick :) I hope you get a healthy house soon!


yeah, i'm so sad to hear that you guys are all so sick! that is the worst! praying for renewed health soon!

Betsy King2008-03-25

Oh man, I had an ER visit last night too! 3-5 AM. I had the most puffy disgusting allergic reaction ever. That place was FILLED with sick people. I feel your pain. Bless you!!!!


Win looks an awful lot like Jared in that last picture... minus the dripping from his nose!