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My new body

May 28, 2008   |   by Rachel

Just before Christmas I took up a new hobby. Inspired by a really great deal at a local health club, winter blues, and a chance encounter with a personal trainer, I began weightlifting. Many of you know that I am a marathon runner. Marathoning is fabulously fun but quite time consuming and injury laden. Frustrated by a sore hip and realizing that 2 little kids and 18 mile training runs don't mix well, I thought that a little weightlifting might just do the trick. I feel fabulous! The baby weight was easier to lose with weightlifting than with marathoning. And I have abs!!!

Three times a week I visit Ultimate Fitness for my workouts.

Once a month I meet with Matt Owen, a personal trainer. He's great! I couldn't have done this without him.  My experience that meeting with a personal trainer is SOOO worth it. I'd have lasted about 1 month without his direction. He's super encouraging and totally not scary at all. Plus, I get to feel like Oprah when I say things like, "My personal trainer told me that..."

Some of the benefits:

  • I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight.
  • My hip doesn't hurt anymore.
  • I feel REALLY GREAT!
  • I'll say it again. I have abs!!!
  • I've met new friends.
  • I'm so much stronger. Which is great going into the wedding season. A full day of shooting is VERY strenuous.

So, what do you think of my new body? Is it too much? ;-)

Ha! That's pretty...um...impressive.

I felt like I needed to put a picture of myself up on this post. But it's a little difficult to take a picture of myself. And it's a little embarrassing to put a picture of myself on the Internet in a post that is about my body. You'll have to wait.

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Betsy King2008-05-28

I'm actually really nervous about hanging in there for a full wedding day. I'm SO squishy! Good for you!!!!


nice work rach!

Meghann Badgero2008-06-17

MY BROTHER OWNS ULTIMATE FITNESS & HEALTH! He and Shannon were quite proud that you have them on your website! They love their gym and really care about all their members. Keep up the good work. I also enjoyed your photography....I LOVE taking pictures myself. P.S.I think your new body is awesome! Good for you! Meg