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My parents' visit

September 08, 2011   |   by Rachel

My parents are in a big transition.  They just sold my childhood home.  We moved there when I was 8.  At the time it had a gravel parking lot in the back yard, it was on a busy road and the interior needed a little lovin.  Eventually they ripped out the parking lot, put up a fence and redecorated all 3,300 square feet of that place.  We had quite the home to live in .  It was enormous for our family of 5.  And is served us well.  I had my wedding reception in the back yard, I have many memories of building obstacle courses in the family room and we even had a pine wood derby track set up inside for nearly a year.  It was a pretty sweet home to grow up in.  But it was a bit too big for 2 retirees with a pickle ball habit and a winter home in Arizona. I will miss the well stocked toy closet that my kids enjoyed playing in.This is a high chair that my dad made for my dolls when I was 3.Since they sold their house they spent 2 weeks in Holland before going to their winter home.  Here are some pix from their camera and visit.Dinner with my Grandma and extended family.My parents brought over their computer for some help.  Then Jared's lap top was there.  It made a pretty fun picture.Harriet and I went out on a date to get out toes painted and play at the park.  My parents randomly walked past and stopped in for a picture.We visited the zoo.  This lion came really close to the glass for about 5 minutes.  It was pretty cool.Camel rides!Sting ray petting.Feeding the budgies.Playing with zoo swag.Goodbye hugs for great-grandma.



Thanks for sharing the fun pics!


Oh man. That looks like such a perfect Michigan summer day. Wish I could have been there too!


That was a great home with lots of memories for our family and now a family of 8 are making their memories there. So it's on to new adventures and new memories...like our 2 weeks in Holland just dropping by for little visits, a trip to the beach, the zoo or to go canoeing.