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My Two Girls...

September 27, 2007   |   by Jared

Are home from the hospital. We came home last night around 7:30, and loaded Harriet immediately into our stroller for a walk downtown and an ice cream cone.

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mark & tonya2007-09-27

Congratulations on Baby Harriet!

Just discovered the "news!" So happy everything went well. :) I'm still waiting myself ... looks like we may even have an early Oct baby ... hope he comes soon! I'll let you know. :) Enjoy your new little one!


Awwww... Special Bed!


They are both wonderful!

Rachel Henderson2007-09-27


sheetal patel2007-09-27

looks like they are both getting some well-earned rest!


Congrats to you all!!!!

Harriet is beautiful and so is her mom!

Win will be a wonderful big brother.

We love you guys and are happy for you!!!

love, beth