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Never underestimate the power of the sun

April 21, 2008   |   by Rachel

We spent Sunday afternoon at our friends' house eating Chinese, playing 4-square, chatting and talking about parenting and marriage. Winfield, LOVES going to the LaCroix house! They are an amazing family with 4 fabulous kids and an amazing marriage. Josh and Sarah were there too. Win skipped his nap, kicked soccer balls, rode around in a wagon, chased a guinea pig, and wore himself out. As we were driving home several times he repeated to himself between yawns, "Are you tired? I tired." Although I didn't take any pictures there, here are some from this morning. Win managed to get a little pink with sun--in April!



This is a little travel alarm clock that win calls, "Win's cell phone." Here he is closing some sort of huge merger between his blue stuffed Zebra and the striped knit bear that he named "Bear Henderson."


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what a beautiful boy. can't wait to see you, win! btw, jordan would NEVER cop to being tired, not even to herself! ha! :)


I love the April sun.