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New camera for Christmas?

October 24, 2007   |   by Rachel

I came across the specifications for this camera and I thought that it was blog-worthy, especially this close to Christmas. Sony's Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W80 is a fantastic little camera. It's really small, has a large screen and image stabilization, and it has remarkably low shutter lag. It's priced at just a little over $200 and it even comes in pink :-) Most people that I talk to are frustrated with their cameras because of long shutter lag. Shutter lag is that obnoxious time between when you press the button and when the camera takes the picture. It's usually enough time for someone to step between your subject and the camera or for your kid to run away, leaving you with an image of someones backside or an empty scene.Shutter lag is caused by the camera's need to auto focus. Every camera, no matter how nice, will have shutter lag--especially in dimly lit situations. A good rule of thumb for photography is to try to take pictures in situations with plenty of light. Try turning on lights, moving closer to a window, or doing an activity outside. Anything that allows more light will help. If you are going to do a project with your kids, and you know that you want to take pictures, look for good light. Truthfully, it isn't often possible to change these things or to plan ahead, but when you can ading more light will make picture taking less frustrating.If you are looking for a new camera give this one serious consideration.

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sheetal patel2007-10-25

is this the one that was posted on me ra's blog?

last week's event went well, i even got a couple of shots that i really love! will upload some pictures this weekend and let you know when i do.

Rachel Henderson2007-10-27


It is the same camera. I posted this before I saw that she was giving one away. The specs on this camera are, in my opinion, ideal for a point and shoot.

sheetal patel2007-10-28

that's so funny! great photographic minds know what to look for! :)