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New Experiences for Our Little Muppet

July 19, 2007   |   by Rachel

Today Jared and I took our little Muppet on an adventure in an airplane. For any of you who know Win you know that he is a very good little boy, but sitting still isn't one of his strengths. After hearing many experienced parents sing the praises of Benedryl, the traveling parent's best friend, we called our pediatrician. They gave us a dosage and told us to give it a trial run because is makes some children hyper. After the trial run we decided that it was in our best interest not to give him Benedryl. Instead we packed all sorts of fun things to play with and all types of new food. He was a champ! We had our work cut out for us but he did a great job for a 16 month old who doesn't usually sit still for long. He found many ways to entertain himself. He liked putting his sippy cup inside the barf bag and then drinking from it like a hobo. He played with some magnets that Jared brought home from work.He read the really neat stories that the airplane had.And he ate...a lot.Those were only a few of the things that he did to pass the time. He also got little pieces of beef jerky put them into a plastic cup and then drank them. That passed about 20 minutes. He loved looking at all of the other airplanes as we taxied out. After 2 hours of sitting he walked up and down the isle and went to the bathroom with pregnant Mom. All 3 of us in a airplane bathroom was a little bit of a squeeze!If anyone needs help passing time on an airplane ask Win. He has lots of ideas.Also, do notice the shirt that he is wearing, complements of his Aunt Johanna.Rachel

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sheetal patel2007-07-20

win looks like he did a stellar job on the plane! where did you go?


yeah, where'd you go?!

Rachel Henderson2007-07-20

We are in Florida, warming up.

My family is in West Palm Beach for a huge family reunion that my mom has been planning. We're here visiting with a bunch of people who have my mom's maiden name. Win has been hanging out with his cousin's Esther and Beatrice and his second cousins from Germany.

More pictures to come.


wondering what tricks you had/have left for the trip back?