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New House, New Toys to Share

November 15, 2007   |   by Rachel

This family's youngest is a little boy. He has some really fun toys that Win had a blast playing with. He really liked sharing the Lincoln Logs with Dad and Hattie. Guess who enjoyed them the most. 

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I think Harriet liked them most.

Betsy King2007-11-16

nice composition!


Great log house! I'd just like to comment that not only did you care for our 2 and your 2, bake 100's of cookies, do my laundry, fix my guitar (thanks Jared), set up a blog for us, give manicure and pedicure to my girls, curl their hair and leave the house cleaner than when you arrived; you were also taking photo's of it all...

You guys are amazing.

Thanks agin and again.