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New Neighbors

April 22, 2008   |   by Rachel

We have new neighbors.  I think that their decorating style could be categorized as colorful.  It's not a style that I exactly "get" but I like the boldness. 080421_080421-0085-edit-2.jpg080421_080421-0122-edit.jpg

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Betsy King2008-04-23

I love the repetition of the trash cans in the background. Is that a subconcious message on how you are feeling about the yard art? I think you need to get some garden gnomes quickly. Those birds are going to be lonely!!

Rachel Henderson2008-04-23

I think that they are here to stay :-) Honestly, I kind of like 'em. We don't live in exactly the most image-conscience neighborhood, if you know what I mean. So what's the loss! They add a little spice to the block. I like how all but one of them are all looking down, like they are hunting for a lost contact or something.


Very interesting....

Steve Post2008-04-22

HA! Wow, yeah ... we saw those, too. Do you think they were a practical joke by some friends? Or do you think they're there to stay?


Yeah, what if you got like fifteen gnomes, for a gnome army? Or fifteen pairs of Dutch kissing kids?