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No More Toys

February 04, 2007   |   by Jared

Win has got a bad habit of throwing all of his toys out of his Pack & Play or out of the tub. We've been trying not to encourage this behavior.

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Consequences are really hard for a little guy. Tell him that Grandma would have given him one or two back. :) That is a grandma's job.

grma dean2007-02-04

He is sure having lots of fun!

He's got his own little swimming pool -- yipee!


That video so wonderfully captures Win's youthful exuberance at this phase of his life---I'm so glad you captured it. Hilarious!


I waved at you when I saw your video but mom and dad said you wouldn't see that. Too bad. See ya later alligator.


Sienna loves watching videos of Win. She smiles, laughs, and does the "more" sign over and over and over...