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March 03, 2008   |   by Rachel

This morning Win, Harriet and I went over to my friends Brian and Amy's house to take some pictures of their newest kid, Noah.  He's absolutely beautiful, and looks just like his 3 siblings.  He was awake and fuzzy for the whole time.  Isn't he sweet? noah-2.jpgnoah-1.jpgnoah-3.jpgnoah-4.jpg This might be my favorite one.  I love how well it tells the story of Amy's life at this stage.  She has 4 kids.  The peacefulness of little Noah doesn't change the energy that the older ones have. noah-5.jpg These 3 are going to be great big brother and sisters! noah-6.jpg

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Heidi Schweitzer2008-03-04

Hello Rachel, I'm heidi schweitzer, who found you through Betsy King...It turns out that she knows you through the Zabels, who are like Second family to me. My grandparents used to live in Ft. Wayne and for years we always would get together with the Zabels!...it's a small world i'm finding as i get older. I just wanted to leave you a comment on how much I enjoy your blog...(i started one too, inspired by betsy ;) ) Your pictures are awesome and am glad to have stumbled your way. You kids are too cute! Nice to have met you- heidi

Grandma Dean2008-03-04

How very sweet! There is a lot of joy in those photos.

Rachel Henderson2008-03-05

Heidi, Great to hear from you! THe Zabels are like a second family to many, they are so great. I'm glad that you like the blog. It's such a great way to document and share life. Happy blogging! Rachel