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Nope. Harriet is not quite ready to babysit.

March 25, 2011   |   by Rachel

This evening I stepped over to the neighbors to borrow some drywall mud.  Dale had been a bit fussy.  So on my way out the door I shouted, "Harriet, take care of Dale for me until I get back."  Thinking that she'd bring Dale a pile of toys or read her a book like she usually does.  Upon returning I found Harriet strapping on her velcro shoes and headed out the door.  Dale was quietly sitting in her Bumbo where I left her.  Harriet said, "She's a ghost." If you can't tell, that is Dale sitting in her Bumbo under that blanket.

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Too cute! Was Dale still fussy? Or was she a quiet ghost?


Oooh my goodness - that is so funny!


i cannot believe it......that's too much! what a funny girl.


Hilarious! I love following your blog and the hilarious stories of your children (not to mention your beautiful photos)! This might be one of my all-time favorite posts. : )