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Not cut out for piracy

August 29, 2011   |   by Rachel

Yesterday we found out that Winfield is not quite cut out for piracy.  Or at least not on windy days.   Winfield and I joined our good friends as they celebrated their 7-year-old twin boys' birthday.  We all went on a trip on the Friends Good Will.  It was really awesome.  Beautiful day on a really cool old boat.  The first 20 minutes of the trip were glorious.  Then it got a bit choppy and there were quite a few green faces on board.  Winfield left his lunch on the deck.  I brought my camera but only took about 15 pictures.  Even I got seasick and I tend to have a stomach that never gives me trouble.  Even with the seasickness we had a really amazing time.  The crew said that they usually cancel when the water is so choppy.  So maybe we'll go out another time and hit a more calm day. Even the kids got to help put up the sails.  It was a really cool experience.Here's Win hugging a Hampton Inn trash can. 

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