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Not Harriet's best look

January 09, 2009   |   by Rachel

Both of our kids have been fighting a cough and sickness.  Harriet woke up with a bloody nose this morning.  I't not her best look. aimg_8799-photoshoped

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christy pacanowski2009-01-09

rachel....great photography, i give you that, but that picture is nasty. i think perhaps that one is NOT blog-worthy :)


ohmygosh, that's so gross! poor child.


Oh, that is so sad.

Rachel Henderson2009-01-09

I'm just blogging life as a mother. I'll never be able to compete with my sister-in-law Jessie though. She posted this. http://tinyurl.com/75lmn2


I have to admit while I adore your photos and *wanted* to look at this pic I kept having to look away! ;) Of course, then I went and looked at the link you posted from Facebook... and couldn't look away! I feel BAD now.... ;) Uggghhh!


stella says "poor bear bear"