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not the way your house should smell when you to return from vacation

July 01, 2010   |   by Rachel

We were gone for the past 9 days. We came home, put the kids to down for naps and Jared went out to wash the car and work out. I went into the basement to get something and noticed a nasty smell. I opened the freezer to find it full of rancid decaying meat. I'd just filled our freezer with a bunch of bison, organic chicken, and Jared's Lean Cuisines that he takes for lunch. The freezer had clearly died early in our trip. It had had enough time to full thaw and grow extremely rancid. It STANK! On some pieces there was visible mold growth. blauck!! To add to my complaining, this is the second year in a row that we've had to trash the items in our freezer after our summer vacation. Last year it wasn't the freezer's fault. Well, when things go wrong I just remind myself that I'm healthy and my kids are safely sleeping in their beds. I can handle the futility of paying and shopping for food, only to throw it away.

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Jaimie Dee Photography2010-07-02

Oh no!!! That's horrible to come back to from vacation!

Bruce Henderson2010-07-05

Rachel, What an awful thing to come home to. I am so sorry for you and Jared to have another disaster happen while you were here with us. I hope that it doesn't take the bloom off the rose of the summer reunion. I will start praying now for a perfect homecoming for you next year. Thanks again for all you do for our time together. Love, Dad