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Nothin' much happenin'

September 29, 2010   |   by Rachel

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Mrs Kool2010-10-04

AWWWWWW! She is darling. I'm so glad to hear that you may be getting more sleep now. Dale is a little angel! I think it is so amazing that these little ones do so little, but bring so much joy and fun into our lives!


she's so cute already! amazing. Also, I just realized you guys are following the "normal" pattern of kids with boy-girl-girl (for Deans and Galloways and LaBarges, that is).


She is just perfect. Congratulations to you and Jared. Enjoy your lovely family.


awwwwwwww........she's so cute! and her hair is sooooo blond. that white puffy thing makes her look like she's in heaven.