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Official Launch

May 22, 2007   |   by Jared

Hey everybody, today is our official launch of the Rachel Henderson Photography website. Woo-hoo! The site has been up for a few months, but has been sort of under construction and not totally presentable. Now it's re-skinned with Rachel's new logo and colors, and we're pretty pleased with how it looks. But mostly what makes it a great site is Rachel's amazing pictures.So, anyway, we thought we'd share with yall and invite any feedback you have. Also, if any of you have blogs or websites and would like to link to Rachel's site, we'd really appreciate it - the more links the better our Google rankings!A special thanks to Bruce and Jan for the camera that got Rachel started, and Winfield our beloved little monster for giving Rachel a cute subject to practice on for over a year.


sheetal patel2007-05-23

the website looks fantastic! the photographs are amazing. the size of the photos and transitions between photos really are captivating---i was completely engaged in looking at them and didn't realize how much time had passed! :)

really great job, and i wish you much luck on what is sure to be a successful business!

p.s. thanks for letting me pick your photography brain with all my questions! i am finally taking my new camera out this week!


Very appealing website!


Fantastic site! It is really beautiful and well organized.

Well done!


looks great! i'd hire you anytime!

Rachel Henderson2007-05-24

Thanks for the encouragement, I really appreciate it.