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Officially Three

November 04, 2010   |   by Rachel

Harriet is officially three!  I'm pretty sure that there is some official committee that doesn't grant three-year-old status to little girls until they attempt cutting their own hair.  This was my first clue that all was not well when I went to check on Harriet.Clue number 2.The guilty always return to the scene of the crime.She really did a number on her hair.  She got the back, a really short bit over her left ear, and nearly all of her hair on her right side.  Thankfully she was wearing a headband, which I think protected the hair in the front.  I trimmed off the remaining long parts and scheduled a haircut for her on Saturday.  Her hair is so pin straight, that cutting it myself would be chop-job.Her new look.

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With those eyes, any look will be fine!


oh dear. we had a "self-snip-it" here last week, too. i'm sure that the end result will look quite cute on saturday. :)


Hehe, this is too cute! Phil said, "I hope our daughter is that cute someday!" I love how proud she is of herself.


Yet! She is three! Quite a fashionable cut!


Love the new look!


i have to agree with jan.