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Okay, how is it done? I sort, I bleach, I soak. What more can I do?

May 06, 2010   |   by Rachel

I'm a laundry nazi.  I really like throwing clothes in the washing machine.  In January our wonderful 30 year old washer started spraying transmission fluid on all of our clothing during the spin cycle.  Yeah...not okay.  The kids were both sick and puking and I was desperate.  Do NOT take my washing machine away from me when I have baskets full of vomit crusted clothing.  I'm just not every woman who lived before 1950.  I really like my technology. So off I darted to Northgate appliance 20 minutes before they closed.  If you live in or near Holland I hope that you patronize this place.  In the last 12 years I've been in and out of that place many many times trying to keep our old appliances functioning.  As a 20-something female, every time I walked in they treated me with so much respect.  They'd give me advice and direction on replacing parts.  Never did I get a sales pitch about buying new.  They always treated me really well.  I've heard similar things from other people too.  Whoever runs that place probably reads Seth Godin's blog.  Or at least runs the business like it. It was time to replace.  The sales guy was super helpful and respectful, discouraged me from buying a dryer (since mine isn't broken) and directed me to 2 good clearance deals.  I came home, researched it and decided.  The next morning I called them, they delivered and installed it that same morning.  I had a brand new washer  The entire process took less than 16 hours.  And it was bought, delivered and installed for less than anything that I could find on the internet. Okay, enough with the Northgate ad.  I just really like it when I find a business that I trust and that makes my life easier.  I'll tell you about our awesome car mechanic another day. So, armed with a new super-duper front loader I was hoping that my whites were going to come out sparkling.  Frankly, they come out about the same as before.  Clean and white, but not quite as white as they were when they were brand new.  I'd tried Oxiclean, bleach, Borax, vinegar, varying detergents, all without amazing results.  I Googled it and found many laundry forums claiming that chefs use liquid dishwasher detergent to get their chef clothes super white. So here we go.  I'll let you know how it went in 1 hour and 35 minute. If anyone knows any amazing tricks for getting whites super-white, I'd LOVE to know!

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michelle sidles2010-05-06

This post cracks me up for about 100 reasons. First off, your store sounds FAB. Second, that shot of the machine is AMAZING. It's like a space machine or something. Third, I remember being in awe of my new front loader and sitting in front of it watching my laundry wash like it was a TV. ;) Fourth, can't wait to hear how white your laundry gets with Cascade. Fifth... naw, I don't have time to list all 100 reasons.


Some whites just don't get bright white again. . Which I hate cause it is usually my favorite white item. However soaking whites in Clorox II (the powder) for 24 hrs or more does the best. Learned that from a friend (Wanda) who used that process to clean and restore wedding dresses. If there is anything better I'd love to hear about it too.

Chantelle Turgeon2010-05-26

I'd love to know how it turned out too!!!! Just be very careful with what you put in front load washers for soaps and other products. This is my 2nd set of front loaders, the first time I didn't know you should ONLY use HE products otherwise there is too much buildup of soap and it will eventually clog and wreck your machine. OOpppssss........ Tide actually send me a new bottle of soap when I switched to this new set because I had just bought the cold tide and they said "NO, do not use that one in the machine." And so they sent me a new HE one free of charge and advised me to never use anything that is NOT HE in them. Just thought you should know that from my past experience!!!! I LOVE my front loader!!!!!