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Olympic Ambitions

May 18, 2007   |   by Rachel

Win heard that Olympic athletes trained and competed in the buff. Because 15 months is about the time when a person must decide that they want to be in the Olympics, Win got out a ball and began his training. We didn't correct him on the difference between the modern and ancient games.
Really, Win has had a little rash in his diaper area lately. His pediatrician told us to bath him often and then let him run around without a diaper. Jared and I thought that the backyard was the perfect place for him do said running around. Naked with shoes is a pretty funny image.

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That picture is terrific. Later he will make you destroy it.

sheetal patel2007-05-19

so adorable!

he could also be getting ready for college activities such as the naked olympics at princeton or the naked mile at u of m :)


I recommend curling.


Perfect image, perfect angle, perfect expression I'm imagining on his face...