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Open wide for the dental hygentist [sic]

June 02, 2011   |   by Rachel

Today Win and Harriet went to the dentist for the first time.  I've had probably half a dozen moms tell me about this pediatric dentist in town and how great they are.  It was really nice.  Each kid had a dental hygentist [sic] who was super good with explaining each step to the kids and making them feel like they were having the time of their lives.  And best of all, the room is like a hair salon so they can do both kids at the same time!  Woot! Woot!Best open mouth eva!They look so little in those chairs :-)Dale and her efelant held down the fortA trip to the dentist would incomplete without one of these toys, highlights magazine and a bag of dental swag.  They had it all!

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