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Operation "Freaking Awesome Backyard" is starting to take shape

June 02, 2012   |   by Rachel

Last year my neighbor mentioned to me that it has always been her dream to have a park in her backyard.  Her husband built this huge amazing play fort with swings, climbing wall, 2 slides, a pulley bucket, monkey bars all centered around a huge tree in the middle of their backyard.  Well…our kids wanting nothing to do with our backyard, and for good reason.  They had vision, we a had sidewalk chalk, a couple of bikes and a driveway. Catching their vision we've been making some changes to our outdoor living room.  So far we've added a trampoline, 2 swingsets and a fence.  Today Jared and the kids built a climbing wall.  Dale supervised while chomping on an apple.  We're still waiting for the holds to ship.  But the wall is up.  Pretty exciting!

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Denise Crews2012-06-06

Looks great! I'm amazed you can fit all that back there!

Melissa Lam2012-06-06

It is a pretty freaking awesome yard!!

Tyler N Brooke Coleman2012-06-30

You've got some great looking children! <3 your photos.